Welcome to  Umikaze Horsefarm

 We offer various horseback riding programs using native Okinawan ponies calld YONAGUNI PONIES (Yonaguni-uma).  They are very rare (only 130 left all over Japan), small and friendly, very generous and gentle in nature,  and they love people. 


 Our most popular program is riding in the ocean (umi-uma asobi).  We have many tourists visiting from all over the world to meet our rare ponies, and experience this unique program.  We hope you enjoy your visit to Okinawa and our riding program.


Location:  Nanjo-city, Okinawa (mainland) .  30-45 minutes drive from Naha Airport.



Horseback riding in the Ocean (Umi-uma Asobi)

 (May - October)


This program takes about:  40 min, from August 2019


Price(from August 2019):   20,000 yen (for a pair), 13,000 yen (one person)


Recommended outfit:  bathing suits, marine(water) shoes 

*the rider must weigh under 75kg

*reservation needed

Reservation (please fill in the form below)   Umi-uma Asobi (Riding in the Ocean)

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Photo taking with Rare Yonaguni Ponies 


This program is for those who are not really into riding horses, but prefer taking photos with friends and families, or spending time with horses, on the beach, or in water (whichever you prefer).


This program takes about:  30 minutes


Price: 10,000 yen (for a horse)



Recommended outfit:  Any outfit is OK (doesn't have to be the wedding photo). But if you plan to go into water with horses, bring your bathing suits,marine(water) shoes 


*weight limit is 75kg (if you want to take photos on the horseback). 


*reservation needed

Reservation (please fill in the form below)   Photo taking

メモ: * は入力必須項目です


Please search "Umikaze Horsefarm" on the googlemap (please do not use car-navigation system on your rented car).

Or see the map below.