Welcome to  Umikaze Horsefarm

 ★You need to make reservations before coming to our farm (at least a week in advance)

 We offer various horseback riding programs using native Okinawan ponies called YONAGUNI PONIES (Yonaguni-uma).  They are very rare (only 110 left all over Japan), small and friendly, very generous and gentle in nature. And, they LOVE people. 


 Our most popular program in summer (Late May - Early October) is Ride & Swim in the Okinawan Sea (Umi-uma asobi).  Or, if you want to take lovely photos with our rare ponies for your instagram, try Photo-Taking with Rare Yonaguni Ponies (either at the beach or at the greenfield).  In Autumn, Winter and early Spring,  (Mid October - Early May), we offer riding program on the beautiful white beach of Okinawa.

 We hope you enjoy your visit to Okinawa and our riding program. We have many tourists visiting from all over the world to meet our rare ponies, and experience these unique programs. 


Location:  Nanjo-city, Okinawa (mainland) .  30-45 minutes drive from Naha Airport.

RESERVATION NEEDED (the reservation button is at the bottom of this page)


★Photo-taking with Rare Yonaguni Ponies

★in the Sea -- Late May - Early October

★at the beach or at the greenfield -- all season


Take memorable photos at the beautiful Okinawan beach with RARE Yonaguni Ponies. In summer, ponies can go into the water.


This program takes about:  30 minutes


Price(tax included):


① 1pony, 30 minutes 

 Weekdays: 15,000 yen / 1-2 people

  Weekends and Holidays: 16,500 yen 1-2 people 


*We provide 1 pony and 1 staff (no camera nor photographer. Please bring your own camera).

*If you want to go into the water, bring waterproof camera.

*If you want to take photos on the horseback, weight limit is 75kg   

*reservation needed



★Ride and Swim in the Okinawan Sea★(Late May - Early October) -- finished for 2023. 


Ride and Swim in the beautiful Okinawan Sea is an unforgettable experience, especially with rare local Yonaguni Ponies!


This program takes about:  approx. 40-60 minutes


Price(tax included):


① 1pony 2 people:  

 Weekdays: 13,000 yen / person

  Weekends and Holidays: 15,000 yen / person

② 1pony 1 person: 

  Weekdays: 15,000 yen / person 

  Weekends and Holidays: 18,000 yen / person

*You will be completely wet (see the youtube video above).

*weight limit is 75kg   

*reservation needed

*You need long sleeved rashguard and long leggings and marine shoes for this program. See the required outfit below.




 Required outfit: 

 long-sleeved rashguard, long leggings or spats, marine shoes

(to protect your skin from sunray and jellyfish)

 **marine shoes rental available. Please let us know your shoe size beforehand.